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For almost eight years now, Miraheze has provided it's over 300,000+ users with free hosting. Help us keep going for eight more years and longer! We're powered 100% by donations from people just like you. We're grateful to keep seeing impressive year-over-year traffic and community growth. With our impressive growth though, we need more infrastructure to handle increased demand. We ask you, earnestly, consider chipping in £5, £10, £20, or whatever you can afford. If 550 of Miraheze's 300,000+ users gave only £12 (16.35 USD) once a year, Miraheze would exceed its budget requirements.

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In July 2015, John Lewis and Ferran Tufan created a new wiki farm - named Miraheze. Through the use of community crowdfunding and personal investment, Miraheze officially went live in August of 2015. Over the years, the project has grown immensely to be one of the largest and most recognizable wiki farms specializing in MediaWiki on offer. Despite the success and evolution, one aspect of Miraheze never changed - formal existence. In November 2019, Miraheze became a registered not-for-profit in the UK as Miraheze Limited.



Miraheze runs the same software as Wikipedia, MediaWiki! You can do anything from uploading media such as images or videos, to writing articles or blogs. We have over 300 extensions and over 25 skins to choose from to customize your experience with MediaWiki!


Miraheze is registered as Miraheze Limited in the United Kingdom. We provide 100% free wikis as a not-for-profit that maintains the servers and keeps up with the development of our in house extensions.


As a community, we all work together to achieve a common goal of being a great wiki farm! This allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for users, by allowing users to learn!


Сите наши викија ја поддржуваат употребата на MobileFrontend што го прави корисничкиот посредник погоден за мобилни уреди. Ова е овозможено по основно, но исто така ви дозволуваме да го исклучите.

In-house extensions

We have designed some of the most cutting edge extensions to help us grow and become one of the world's best wiki farms! Our extensions allow communities to have more control over their own wikis, requiring little oversight from our staff. We listen to community input over the management of their wikis.

And many more features!